BASIC EASY LIFE, thanks to a special gearcase, is able to manage the automated welding process. 
The electronic system guarantees the continuous repeat of the welding cycles and automatic control of the preset parameters, therefore the operator needs only to validate the welding phases. 
The user-friendly graphic display allows a quick setting of the desired parameters. The EASY LIFE system can store up to 4000 welding cycles and sum them up into a PDF file. This report can be transferred to a PC/laptop through a USB port and data-management software. Possibility to pre-set 50 customized.
The EASY LIFE system data logging now shows the time!
BASIC EASY LIFE system is available in seven models with working range from OD 40 mm to 630 mm
(1¼" IPS ÷ 24” IPS)
BASIC 160 EASY LIFE : 1¼" IPS ÷ 5" IPS  | 40-160 mm
BASIC 200 EASY LIFE : 2" IPS ÷ 6" IPS   | 63-200 mm
BASIC 250 EASY LIFE : 2" IPS ÷ 8" DIPS  | 25-250 mm
BASIC 315 EASY LIFE : 3" IPS ÷ 10" DIPS | 90-315 mm
BASIC 355 EASY LIFE : 4" IPS ÷ 14" IPS  | 125-355 mm
BASIC 500 EASY LIFE : 8" IPS ÷ 18" IPS  | 200-500 mm
BASIC 630 EASY LIFE : 10" IPS ÷ 24" IPS | 280-630 mm


This is the concept that developed the EASY LIFE welding system: “to simplify the work in the jobsite avoiding human mistakes”; this is the philosophy that it hold in its name “Style and Technology” by RITMO. EASY LIFE is a whole RITMO’s project for all and accessible to everybody.

Hardware and software have been developed to interact to each other sharing data during the entire workflow. Once set the welding parameters up, the system guarantees the repetition of the welding cycle, avoiding errors. The operator only have to confirm the work phases on the gear case when asked to, just pushing a button. Besides, during the “welding  phase”, where sometimes some pressure adjustments are needed, the electronic system solve automatically this specific problem.

The welding cycle is constantly monitored by a data-logging that saves the data in an internal hard-drive capable to store up to 4000 welds. Possibility to pre-set 50 customized. The data will be available through PDF reports, downloadable in a USB pen drive.

Born on 2002, the EASY LIFE system is now at its fourth evolution.

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