Hand Welders & Extrusion Welders

Hand Welders: the relatively small heater rod makes it possible to weld in small spaces. This type of hand welders are uses patented jaw attachments. The main advantage of this arrangement is relatively small size, high heat transfer efficiency and simple attachment exchange. The mounting and removal of each jaw attachment can be done while hot without any danger of damage to the coated area. All working surfaces of attachments are treated with non sticking coating.

The portable STARGUN extrusion welders designed by RITMO, are equipments extremely light and manageable, suited for the hot gas extrusion welding. These extrusion welders are suitable for building-site jobs and also the workshop. They are available in two versions: "autonomous power supply blower" and "compressor blower type". Thanks to the temperature thermoregulator design, the setting is simple and quick.

Extrusion welders are designed to ensure that certain parameters are accurately defined to maximise weld quality, these being:
  1. Temperature of the welding material - extrudate;
  2. Mass flow rate of the welding material;
  3. Temperature of the hot gas for substrate pre-heat;
  4. Quantity of hot gas.

The plastic extrusion welding speed that can be achieved is dependent on the flow rate of the extrudate, the material thickness, the cross sectional area of the seam and the size and design of the PTFE welding shoe.

Ritmo America provide different kind of welding products like:
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RAM - Butt Fusion Machines
Machines suitable for butt fusion joining of plastic pipes and fittings such as Polyethylene(HDPE), ...

Delta - Butt Fusion Machines
Machines suitable for butt fusion joining of plastic pipes and fittings such as Polyethylene(HDPE), ...

Electronic machines for job site suitable for welding electrofusion fittings.

Fitting Fabrication Machines
Workshop welding machines designed to make special fittings libe elbows, wyes (Y), tees and crosses. ...

Band Saws
Band saws are ideal to be placed beside fittings fabrication machines in order to cut pipes segments ...

Socket Fusion
Socket welders for job site or in plant use; they can fuse pipes and fittings such as Polypropylene ...

Extrusion Welding
Hand extruder, portable, compact and handy, for fabrication and welding of pipes, sheets and plastic ...

Sheet Welding Machines
Automatic machines for sheets in HDPE, PP, PVDF, PVC.

Heating Plates
Series of manual instruments for HDPE, PP, PVDF, PB

Range of tools to facilitate the installation, pipe laying and operatorís procedures.