POLYFUSION 10 welds by butt fusion HDPE, PP, PVC and PVDF sheets. The machine is designed according to the D.V.S. 2208 standard and is able to weld by butt fusion in accordance with the D.V.S. 2207. It is also easily programmable with any other welding standard/welding parameters.
POLYFUSION 10 performs three different fusions: Plane butt welding; Circular welding (for making tubes and/or cylinders); Angular welding (sheets welded at 90° angle). The welding machine is automatically operated by an industrial computer programmed to follows poly fusion cycle, capable of estimate pressure, time and temperature according to the used material sheet. Welding data can be stored or printed in reports. Thanks to LCD monitor, touch-screen technology and the high specialized control software, POLYFUSION 10 offers constancy of the welding quality, reliability and simplicity in the use.
Plastic tanks for galvanic and electroplating plants, water and cleaning tanks, fume treatment towers and scrubbers, ventilated cabinets, chemical fume hoods, air ventilation systems.
- Materials: HDPE - PP - PVC - PVDF
- CNC  automatic sheet welding machine
- Max. working width: 10 ft - 3048 mm
- Weldable thickness: 1/8" ÷ 1.1/2"; 3 ÷ 37 mm
- To perform different types of weld:  horizontal, circular and vertical joints
- Touch screen control panel
- Each welding cycle is automatically memorized
- USB port

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